Social Media

Instagram - Facebook - Twitter - TikTok

• 1 Image Post a day

• 1 Video Post a week

• 1 Daily Deal a week (Sub for daily post)

• Text for Caption 

Meeting at the end of every month to go over Engagement, Conversions, Sales and Strategy.

Monthly Meetings & Reports

Copy for
Text Caption

Social media is all about the visuals. The quality of your photos will be the differentiating factor when in comes to gaining a following. The caption of your post is where we can give you a voice to your visual content that can help with creating more conversations around your brand.

Brand awareness is important because it helps audiences understand, recall, and become comfortable with your branding and products. If you can build brand awareness among your target demographic, you can help your brand become top-of-mind when these consumers are ready to research and make a purchase

Brand Awareness

Conversation & Hashtag Strategy

• Like comments to quickly connect

• Show your business’ personality

• Mentioning customers and partners

• Placing hashtags based on top hit algorithms

• Creating the voice of your brand

Have us professionally create your content from scratch. Our media package will provide you enough original content to be used for 1 month of posting.

Original Media Package